What others say about Culture Camp

“I left Culture Camp feeling invigorated and inspired, armed with new ways of thinking.”

Alice Eldridge

“I left Culture Camp feeling invigorated and inspired, armed with new ways of thinking into and about my everyday structures and fell in love with my “why” at work all over again. You and your team provided an experience that I will revisit often, fondly and with gratitude.”

Alice Eldridge

“Thank you for such an interesting day! I really admire your ability to communicate complex thoughts in such a way that you succeed in making your audience feel like they’re smart and able to participate in the cascade and flow - tsunami really - of ideas.”

Thomas Ball

“I really enjoyed the CCO bootcamp this weekend – was totally worth the trip from Amsterdam. better than the typical planner conference where the speaker takes an hour to recap their book – I really appreciated that you gave us information that was NOT in the book that I felt I can use in my work.”

Heather LeFevre

“The Bootcamp was a marvelous day. Amazing to be in a room full of so many folks yearning to bring a deeper kind of cultural thinking to their brands, agencies, corporations, endeavors. And the content was a brilliant mix of deep thinking and accessible content, slow and fast culture and more. It was inspirational to say the least. My poor wife had to deal with me going on about it at length. Despite this, she’s gunning to go next time.”

Steve Nasi

“Just to thank you for an outstanding day. I first started reading your blog about six years back, I guess. I then ‘lapsed’ for some time, but now – like the prodigal son – I am back big time. I particularly like your enthusiasm for generalists, where I also place myself. Your brilliantly funny use of metaphor and simile also made the day great fun – if I have any complaint about May 28, it was that I wanted more of you and less of everyone else (how very uncharitable of me).”

Roger Tredre

“Just a quick note to say thanks for a enlightening workshop on Friday at Dare London. Despite the need to accelerate covering topics in the afternoon session, which I suppose reflects the high level of engagement from the morning, you introduced me to several new big ideas and concepts throughout the session. Culture is so much more than just trend spotting and with many angles, levels and implications which I had previously not considered.”

Lee Sankey

“The CCO London Bootcamp was fantastic. Great for those who need a day of inspiration, and like the book, a hypodermic needle of insight. Both invaluable and game-changing.”

Collyn Ahart

“It was an awesome day - some very good conversations have sparked around my office and some good thinking is come gout of it! Appreciated your energy and perspective.”

Quinn Hutchings

“I found it invaluable and have since discussed the issue of how we stay on top of culture as planners, and react to shifts we see, with my department.”

Tom Callard