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June 9 & 10, 2021

About Culture Camp 2021

Culture Camp 2021 is a virtual workshop led by cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken, Ph.D. The immersive sessions, taught over two days,
will not only sharpen your knowledge of culture, but provide tools and strategies you can use to capture, create and effectively apply culture knowledge to your business and your own personal development.

Who Should Attend

Culture Camp 2021 is meant for culture creatives, brand builders, designers, strategists, entrepreneurs, planners, marketers, teachers, students, managers and administrators…anyone who wants to understand and leverage our dynamic culture for the sake of their organization and their own career.

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Our culture is constantly reinventing, recreating and reflecting who we are today. We will reveal a new shorthand for understanding: the new structural properties of culture today and the meanings, rules and trends that reflect who we are.

Culture Camp 2021 will be presented over two half-day sessions


What is Culture?
In this first lecture, we define culture and show how people use it to grasp and navigate the world.
Culture Capture
We will look at several devices we need to capture culture: anthropology, ethnography and the Griff.
Our Culture, Now
Here we dig down into contemporary culture and uncover the new engines of change.


Structural Properties
For all its disorder, our culture is taking shape and form. Here we have the 8 Structural Properties that define the best of culture today.
Harvesting Culture
Here we show how a knowledge of culture helps you show your organization things that are now invisible, especially the blue oceans (aka opportunities) and black swans (aka dangers).
Making Culture
Knowing culture gives us strategy. Using culture gives us creativity. In this lecture, we look at the many ways to mix, match, and leverage trends.

Valuable Virtual Learning & Networking Experience with Grant McCracken

About Grant McCracken


Grant McCracken

Anthropologist - Author

Trained as a cultural anthropologist (PhD, University of Chicago), Grant McCracken has studied contemporary culture for more than 35 years.

His work has been featured in The New York Times and The Oprah Winfrey Show and he has authored numerous books on culture and commerce, the ethnographic method and how to create culture. He consults widely for clients including Google, Ford Foundation, Kayne West, Netflix and Microsoft.

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