Craft fatigue / Artisanal exhaustion?

One of the things we are watching at Culturematic HQ is whether the artisanal theme is beginning to run out of steam.

Leo Burnett London offers us this lovely repudiation of the theme for McCafe / McDonald’s UK.

A single ad playing in the UK does not a summer make.

But clearly this would be big news for a lot of CPG players.

We need more evidence. Let's keep a "weather eye" open.

Perhaps best to file this under "early / earliest possible warning."

p.s. fly high with your dreams!

Hat's off to the Leo Burnett London team:

Creative director: Matt Lee, Pete Hayes

Art director: Matt Lee, Pete Hayes

Copywriter: Matt Lee, Pete Hayes

Board account director: Simon Hewitt

Account director: Sam Houltson

Senior account manager: Emily Reed

Account executive: Gracie Smith

Agency producer: David Riley

Director/Production company: Tony Barry/Knucklehead

Producer: Sara Cummins

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Steve Crandall

6 years ago

People where I'm from made fun of it since they became aware. Oddly enough they have their own form of artisanal, but it's much less pretentious and often as inexpensive as the "store brand"..

Larry Snyder

6 years ago

Is the decline of the artisanal movement a "one-off," or is it in line with Richard and Daniel Susskind's predictions on the future of the professions? At the choice point, I find myself gravitating more and more toward building epistemic community over the personal consumption delights of home-brewing green coffee beans.

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