• Solving problems in real time. This is where we collaborate with one another and test our new skills and knowledge.

    We will work in small teams, with Grant, on problems you bring to camp. Here are some examples of topics you will be given the opportunity to choose from as we get closer to Culture Camp.

    retail / the shopper journey / death of the mall - (e.g. how brands, malls and marketing can respond to the Amazon beast)

    health / fitness / pharma - (e.g. how to contend with boomers reinventing and their "third 30”)

    food / artisanal / consumer packaged goods - (e.g. how to contend with the artisanal movement)

    banking / financial services / investment - (e.g. what’s the best financial advice when the consumer is fluid and multiple?)

    entertainment / story telling / binge viewing - (e.g. how to deal with the Netflix effect and the new story telling)

    culture creativity / advertising / PR / marketing - (e.g. how to make cultural content that engages and spreads)