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Culture Camp Toronto - Details

New Event Date: Friday, January 18th 2019

Current Information

  • Date & Time
  • Friday, January 18th, 20198:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Venue
  • Alliance Française de Toronto
    at The Downtown campus
    24 Spadina Road
    Toronto, ON
  • Catering
  • Continental breakfast & buffet lunch will be served

Who Should Attend?

  • Culture Camp is meant for culture creatives, brand builders, designers, strategists, entrepreneurs, planners, meme makers, marketers, storytellers, teachers, marketers, researchers, policy makers, digerati, journalists, students, professors, managers and administrators.

    We welcome every type of meaning maker and meaning manager, including anyone who wants to understand and leverage our dynamic culture.

About Culture Camp

  • Culture Camp is a one-day workshop led by cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken. The immersive day will sharpen your culture knowledge and use it to solve urgent, vexing business problems.

    This culture camp will show how a new mastery of culture can help us see ourselves (and our products) from the consumer’s point of view, find ‘blue oceans’ of opportunity and black swans’ of disruption, and capture several kinds of hidden value.

    Culture gives us the content and the strategy we need for better branding, meme-making, message-making, strategy building, and a new order of capability and creativity.

Ticket Details

All prices are in CAD $


550 Person
  • On Sale till October 31st
  • Event Access
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Valuable Learning & Networking Experience with Grant McCracken


625 Person
  • On Sale till January 18th
  • Event Access
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Valuable Learning & Networking Experience with Grant McCracken

Collaboration - Part 4 Toronto




  • Solving problems in real time. This is where we collaborate with one another and test our new skills and knowledge.

    We will work in small teams, with Grant, on problems you bring to camp. Here are some examples of topics you will be given the opportunity to choose from as we get closer to Culture Camp.

    retail / the shopper journey / death of the mall - (e.g. how brands, malls and marketing can respond to the Amazon beast)

    health / fitness / pharma - (e.g. how to contend with boomers reinventing and their "third 30”)

    food / artisanal / consumer packaged goods - (e.g. how to contend with the artisanal movement)

    banking / financial services / investment - (e.g. what’s the best financial advice when the consumer is fluid and multiple?)

    entertainment / story telling / binge viewing - (e.g. how to deal with the Netflix effect and the new story telling)

    culture creativity / advertising / PR / marketing - (e.g. how to make cultural content that engages and spreads)

Contemporary Culture - Part 2 Toronto


Contemporary Culture

  • Culture is a term sometimes used too vaguely. We will define the term in a very particular, anthropological way.

    Culture consists of the meanings that define our ideas of age, class, gender, race, ethnicity, and things like families, food, health, aging, child rearing, work, and creativity. In the North American case, we are particularly interested in the big shift that has taken place since World War II. In the 50s, our culture was dominated by upward mobility, conspicuous consumption, and social status.

    This model has been radically reworked. Our culture is now dominated by several themes: multiplicity, transformation, fluidity, complexity and diversity. We are defining the self, the community, and the organization. And this makes the consumer a very different creature engaged in new and sometimes highly experimental notions of identity and community.

    Consumer motivations and choices - why and what they buy - are changing at light speed. The old rules are dead.

    New rules are emerging. We will map these rules and look at similarities and differences between CA and US markets, delving into the coming transformation of retail, the shopper journey and how brands, malls and marketing can respond to the Amazon beast.

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