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Here are answers to some questions you may have about Culture Camp 2021. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please Contact Us to send us your question and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Yes. We will be using the Zoom platform and you’ll need to be on Zoom to participate. We will provide more details and tips about connecting prior to the event.
Not exactly! Culture is constantly evolving, and Grant is always studying what’s new, how people are changing and how we can effectively work with culture. (And with COVID affecting the whole world, lots has changed!) But please note, the first part of Day One, ‘What is Culture?’ is a similar foundation to past Culture Camps, but then it’s a mix of new material and updates on essentials. So if we’ve had the pleasure of having you join us before, we guarantee and new experience that builds nicely on the foundation you bring to this event.
Yes, we can arrange this for you. We request you contact us in advance and provide your substitute’s details so we can coordinate final event details and directions for connecting to the event.
We’re happy to refund your ticket up to seven days before the Culture Camp event minus a $50 processing fee.
Yes, the more the merrier! We’re happy to discuss this with you. We believe Culture Camp is a great shared learning experience for a team; the more people who know how to master culture, the better!
We are about to launch Culture Camp Community as a place for Culture Camp attendees to stay connected to one another and to Grant and vice versa! A ticket to any Culture Camp entitles you to join the site, join conversations, weigh in on interesting topics and stay on top of your culture game.
Yes. Student tickets are discounted by 20% and require a current student ID. Please contact us to make arrangements.
Our goal is to bring the magic of the in-person event to the virtual setting. We chose to work with a wonderful production company to leverage their expertise in bringing the magic! To be more specific, we are offering opportunities to meet and discuss content in small groups; we have interactive sessions to apply culture tools; and we are planning an after event virtual meet and greet! We will provide these details closer to the event.
We see culture as the dark matter of capitalism. It runs through every part of life but often we don’t know how to understand or tap into it. The best brands and companies know how to work with culture to stay relevant and in touch with consumers. Culture Camp will help you understand what culture is, teach you how to leverage this knowledge and apply it to the brands and businesses you’re a part of. Culture Camp goes beyond the trends of the day into the deeper drivers, complexities and possibilities that are a part of our dynamic world. If knowledge is power, knowledge of culture is a competitive edge.
We don’t have plans at this time for making the presentations themselves available after the Culture Camp takes place. But we’re working on some content cheat sheets to make it easy to take notes and follow along.
Not really! Just bring an open mind and your willingness to participate! We’ve always been humbled by the smart, enthusiastic people who have come to Culture Camp and we’re looking forward to counting you among those! But be on the lookout…Grant may send a quick assignment beforehand to get things going.
Yes! We love to do that! We’ve given private, bespoke Culture Camps since 2018 and love the opportunity to design an event that supports your unique business objectives.
Yes, that’s our plan! We find these help participants to track with the volume of ideas that will come your way.
Hate to say it, but we’re not offering half tickets. If you’ve ever attended a Culture Camp, you know there’s a lot of information to take in and the content builds over the course of the event. This Culture Camp is a single offering, split over two days and we made the decision to format it this way for several reasons: to not tie anyone to their computer screen for an entire day; to allow participants to join from other time zones (without it being too late or too early in their time zone); and to give time for the content to settle in between Days One and Two. Day Two builds upon the foundation from Day One and Day One alone will leave you wanting more!
Yes, we’d love to meet you and keep you informed of other events. You can use the CONTACT US button to provide us your details.
We certainly hope to! We were a little slow to resume Culture Camps because we were hoping to see you in person in 2020. We too love the energy and enthusiasm of the face to face gathering. So we will keep an eye on the world and hope to offer the chance to see you in person again soon (with the option of joining virtually)!
Grant is working on another event for Culture Camp called Culture+Design and we hope to offer it in the autumn of 2021. More on that as it evolves!
Love to! Grant McCracken literally wrote the book on ethnographic research. The Long Interview is often used in university anthropology courses about ethnographic research. Ethno Camp is offered to teams looking to deepen their knowledge of the relationship between products and services and core consumers. The workshop is a hands-on session that goes beyond the art of the interview and explores the cultural insights and critical meanings beneath the conversations. Please contact us for more information.

Day 2 – Virtual

Culture Camp 2021 - Virtual

Culture Camp 2021


  • Structural Properties
    For all its disorder, our culture is taking shape and form.

    This is where we drill down into the changes taking place in the self, organizations, celebrity culture, music, brands, families, homes, storytelling, and outsider culture.

    This is where we show how these very cultural things are becoming more open, diverse, floating (sorry, we can’t think of a better term), transformational, capacious, exploration, dynamic, inclusive and performative.

    I know, you can be forgiven thinking “OMG, like, get a grip and everything.” But mastering these structural properties helps build our cultural competence and create value for the client and the organization.

    Harvesting Culture
    We can see things the organization cannot: blue oceans (aka opportunity) and black swans (aka danger).

    You are already the keeper of culture in your organization. We want you to be the resident expert, the person people go to when things are vexingly unclear. Your knowledge of culture allows you to reveal things invisible to others.

    For instance, we can see the gap between the financial industry and its consumers; the real reason things went so wrong for Harry and Meghan; why big Pharma struggles to speak to consumers; how Millennials see the world; how we define the new office place; and how we can master and practice the new rules of branding.

    Making Culture
    Knowing culture allows us to make culture.

    This means working with cultural meanings, rules, and trends.

    We can make culture by moving, colliding, stealing, borrowing meanings. We can make culture by mixing and matching rules. We can leverage, create and counter trends.

    This last hour will be filled with little case studies that talk about Boomers and Gens X, Y and Z. We will talk about the meaning manufacture by Progressive, Tide, Method, Wendy’s, American Express, Cole Haan, The Container Store,, Michelob, McDonald’s, Bud Light, Mustang, Hyundai, Google, KFC, Verizon, and assorted memes and other acts of mischief.

Day 1 – Virtual

Culture Camp 2021 - Virtual

Culture Camp 2021


  • What is Culture?
    Culture is the device we use to grasp and navigate the world.

    But for many organizations, it remains a mystery, a kind of “dark matter.” People know it’s “out there.” But they don’t know how to understand or work with it. We want to fix that.

    We will break culture down into meanings, rules and trends. This is our way to clarify and simplify.

    We are the unsung heroes of the corporation. We’re the ones who know how to make dark matter matter, to make dark matter bright. Culture Camp is a way to enlarge our practice and to improve our profile.

    Culture Capture
    There are several ways to capture culture.

    Our approach uses anthropology, ethnography, big data, and a device we call The Griff.

    We are both scrupulous and practical. (Too often, people seem to think that as long as you are standing in a kitchen or a living room, you are doing ethnography. Um, no.)

    The point is to show how we can use these methods to capture someone’s head and heart from three points of view: the inside, the outside, and the future (where she will be 2, 5 and 10 years hence). This is where The Griff comes in, serving as a kind of “time machine.” Buckle up for safety!

    Our Culture, Now
    We will show you the big, new engines of change.

    For the moment our culture looks like a goat rodeo. It’s a mess. But gradually we are learning to live with disruption. Yay, us!

    We are beginning to master the cultural drivers, perspectives, complexities and possibilities that make change possible and necessary. (Double yay.)

    Culture Camp will examine the rules of chaos, including, for instance, the new contracts binding culture creators and consumers, the death of genre in storytelling, the rise of multiplicity and identity, and the transformation of the home and family before and after COVID-19.

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Information Virtual 2021

Culture Camp 2021 - Details

Current Information

  • Dates & Time
  • Culture Camp 2021 will be presented in two parts, over two days.• Wednesday, June 9th, 12 noon to 3pm EST• Thursday, June 10th, 12 noon to 3pm EST• Optional Networking Experience, 3pm to 4pm EST
  • The Virtual Event
  • Culture Camp 2021 will be presented over Zoom, but this is more than a webinar!Prior to the event, you will be provided some tips and tricks to make the most of your technology, and the Culture Camp experience.

Who Should Attend?

  • Culture Camp is meant for culture creatives, brand builders, designers, strategists, entrepreneurs, planners, meme makers, marketers, storytellers, teachers, marketers, researchers, policy makers, digerati, journalists, students, professors, managers and administrators. We welcome every type of meaning maker and meaning manager, including anyone who wants to understand and leverage our dynamic culture.

About Culture Camp

  • Culture Camp 2021 is a virtual workshop led by cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken, Ph.D. The immersive sessions, taught over two days, will not only sharpen your knowledge of culture, but provide tools and strategies you can use to capture, create and effectively apply culture knowledge to your business and your own personal development.

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495 Person

Grant McCracken Culture Camp Virtual 2021

Starts in

June 9 & 10, 2021

About Culture Camp 2021

Culture Camp 2021 is a virtual workshop led by cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken, Ph.D. The immersive sessions, taught over two days,
will not only sharpen your knowledge of culture, but provide tools and strategies you can use to capture, create and effectively apply culture knowledge to your business and your own personal development.

Who Should Attend

Culture Camp 2021 is meant for culture creatives, brand builders, designers, strategists, entrepreneurs, planners, marketers, teachers, students, managers and administrators…anyone who wants to understand and leverage our dynamic culture for the sake of their organization and their own career.

Recent participants joined us from…

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Our culture is constantly reinventing, recreating and reflecting who we are today. We will reveal a new shorthand for understanding: the new structural properties of culture today and the meanings, rules and trends that reflect who we are.

Culture Camp 2021 will be presented over two half-day sessions


What is Culture?
In this first lecture, we define culture and show how people use it to grasp and navigate the world.
Culture Capture
We will look at several devices we need to capture culture: anthropology, ethnography and the Griff.
Our Culture, Now
Here we dig down into contemporary culture and uncover the new engines of change.


Structural Properties
For all its disorder, our culture is taking shape and form. Here we have the 8 Structural Properties that define the best of culture today.
Harvesting Culture
Here we show how a knowledge of culture helps you show your organization things that are now invisible, especially the blue oceans (aka opportunities) and black swans (aka dangers).
Making Culture
Knowing culture gives us strategy. Using culture gives us creativity. In this lecture, we look at the many ways to mix, match, and leverage trends.

Valuable Virtual Learning & Networking Experience with Grant McCracken

About Grant McCracken


Grant McCracken

Anthropologist - Author

Trained as a cultural anthropologist (PhD, University of Chicago), Grant McCracken has studied contemporary culture for more than 35 years.

His work has been featured in The New York Times and The Oprah Winfrey Show and he has authored numerous books on culture and commerce, the ethnographic method and how to create culture. He consults widely for clients including Google, Ford Foundation, Kayne West, Netflix and Microsoft.

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Grant McCracken Virtual Culture Camp


Come join us for a Virtual Culture Camp!

June 9 & 10 2021
12 noon to 3pm EST

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Should you need to cancel, Culture Camp will refund your ticket, minus a $50 transaction fee, up to seven days in advance of the Culture Camp date.

We reserve the right to cancel any public workshop up to 14 days prior to the start date of that workshop. In such a case, registrants will be promptly notified and will receive a full refund or be given the option to attend a future public Culture Camp within 12 months.

We are not responsible for travel expenses or any costs that may be incurred as a result of a cancellation.


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Custom Culture Camps

Custom Culture Camps

We'd be delighted to talk with you about customizing Culture Camp for your company and business needs. We've given private, bespoke Culture Camps since 2018 and love the opportunity to design an event that supports your unique business objectives.

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss everything.

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