Culture Camp 2021 - Virtual

Culture Camp 2021


  • Structural Properties
    For all its disorder, our culture is taking shape and form.

    This is where we drill down into the changes taking place in the self, organizations, celebrity culture, music, brands, families, homes, storytelling, and outsider culture.

    This is where we show how these very cultural things are becoming more open, diverse, floating (sorry, we can’t think of a better term), transformational, capacious, exploration, dynamic, inclusive and performative.

    I know, you can be forgiven thinking “OMG, like, get a grip and everything.” But mastering these structural properties helps build our cultural competence and create value for the client and the organization.

    Harvesting Culture
    We can see things the organization cannot: blue oceans (aka opportunity) and black swans (aka danger).

    You are already the keeper of culture in your organization. We want you to be the resident expert, the person people go to when things are vexingly unclear. Your knowledge of culture allows you to reveal things invisible to others.

    For instance, we can see the gap between the financial industry and its consumers; the real reason things went so wrong for Harry and Meghan; why big Pharma struggles to speak to consumers; how Millennials see the world; how we define the new office place; and how we can master and practice the new rules of branding.

    Making Culture
    Knowing culture allows us to make culture.

    This means working with cultural meanings, rules, and trends.

    We can make culture by moving, colliding, stealing, borrowing meanings. We can make culture by mixing and matching rules. We can leverage, create and counter trends.

    This last hour will be filled with little case studies that talk about Boomers and Gens X, Y and Z. We will talk about the meaning manufacture by Progressive, Tide, Method, Wendy’s, American Express, Cole Haan, The Container Store,, Michelob, McDonald’s, Bud Light, Mustang, Hyundai, Google, KFC, Verizon, and assorted memes and other acts of mischief.