Culture Camp 2021 - Virtual

Culture Camp 2021


  • What is Culture?
    Culture is the device we use to grasp and navigate the world.

    But for many organizations, it remains a mystery, a kind of “dark matter.” People know it’s “out there.” But they don’t know how to understand or work with it. We want to fix that.

    We will break culture down into meanings, rules and trends. This is our way to clarify and simplify.

    We are the unsung heroes of the corporation. We’re the ones who know how to make dark matter matter, to make dark matter bright. Culture Camp is a way to enlarge our practice and to improve our profile.

    Culture Capture
    There are several ways to capture culture.

    Our approach uses anthropology, ethnography, big data, and a device we call The Griff.

    We are both scrupulous and practical. (Too often, people seem to think that as long as you are standing in a kitchen or a living room, you are doing ethnography. Um, no.)

    The point is to show how we can use these methods to capture someone’s head and heart from three points of view: the inside, the outside, and the future (where she will be 2, 5 and 10 years hence). This is where The Griff comes in, serving as a kind of “time machine.” Buckle up for safety!

    Our Culture, Now
    We will show you the big, new engines of change.

    For the moment our culture looks like a goat rodeo. It’s a mess. But gradually we are learning to live with disruption. Yay, us!

    We are beginning to master the cultural drivers, perspectives, complexities and possibilities that make change possible and necessary. (Double yay.)

    Culture Camp will examine the rules of chaos, including, for instance, the new contracts binding culture creators and consumers, the death of genre in storytelling, the rise of multiplicity and identity, and the transformation of the home and family before and after COVID-19.